Packages and Pricing

Basic Doula Package: $500

The basic package includes 3 prenatal visits to line out and discuss your plans for your birth, the role you would like me to play, comfort measures that can help you have a more satisfying birth experience. We will also explore any questions you can ask your care provider and your plans for your post partum. This package also includes one post partum visit to process your birth, follow up with breastfeeding goals and to give you referrals to other specialists if you require further support. It also includes, OF COURSE, continuous unbiased support at, and immediately following your birth.

Extended Doula Package: $550

The extended package includes 5 prenatal visits, covering all the same topics as the basic package. However, with this package you have the added benefit of two extra prenatal visits (a total of 5 prenatals). These two extra prenatals will include discussions about sitting with and dispelling fears during pregnancy and birth and a meditation or yoga session depending on the preferences of the mother. You will also receive 2 post partum visits and, OF COURSE, continuous unbiased support at, and immediately following your birth.

Full Doula and Post Partum Package: $700

The full Doula and Post Partum package includes 5 prenatal meetings, 2 post partum meetings, continuous, unbiased support at, and immediately following your birth AND 5 days of post partum support for up to 2 hours per day. This support includes light cleaning, physical assistance with personal tasks, breastfeeding help if needed, cooking, processing your birth and other household or momma-baby related tasks. 

****The Full Package is only available to clients local to North Platte, NE.***

Feel Free to ask how we can customize packages for your unique situation. 

Post Partum Services A-La-Carte: $20 per hour